Mavis and Max

For Mavis, life begins again at forty, and this time around no experience is going to pass her by.
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You know it’s a bad day when having your house eaten by a sinkhole isn’t even the low point. Really, it was a shame the rescue crew was so diligent. They deftly pulled her naked husband from the wreckage, followed by his equally naked girlfriend, and finally her pet iguana, Rex. At least they saved Rex.

Several months have passed and Mavis has built a new life on her own. She has a tech business to run and her customers run the gamut from cranky to clueless, often at the same time. Sharing custody of Rex with her loser ex is just one more headache she didn’t need. Now someone is making war on her car. You try to get an ant infestation out of the ventilation system; I dare you.

Things are looking grim until she gets Max, in all his purple battery operated glory, as a ‘happy divorce day’ present. Between Max, the hot new handyman at her apartment complex, the gorgeous bartender and the sublime stripper, summer fun is back on the menu. With a little luck she might even save her car along the way.

Mavis finds that life really can begin at 40. Let the games begin.

Title Mavis and Max
Author Lillian Ravenwood
Genre Erotica
Release December 2016
Designer DKS Designs
Length 108 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-896-6
Price $4.99
Tags threesome, bisexual, lesbian, erotica, mature woman, toys

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