Trick or Treat

An encounter at a Halloween party will change Evelyn’s life…if she’s brave enough to say yes.
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Trick or Treat

by Lillian Ravenwood

Genre Holiday Erotica

Tags Threesome, Bisexual, Lesbian, Personal Transformation, erotica, submitting

Release October 16, 2015

Editor Christine Speakman

Line Editor Nancy Canu

Cover Designer Suzannah Safi

Pages 41

ISBN 978-1-77127-758-7

Price $2.99

Back Cover

Life is only boring if you let it be.

Evelyn has a safe little job, a safe little apartment all to herself, and a string of safe little ex-boyfriends. This year, just once, she’d like to make a choice that her inner good girl doesn’t approve of. This year Evelyn will be noticed.

On Halloween, even the quietest souls let loose their inner fantasies and knock on a stranger’s door.

Trick or Treat.


David started the annual costume contest when the movie ended. First prize, as always, was an old boot nailed to a board and spray-painted gold. I didn’t enter the contest, but I did enjoy watching. We had some terribly talented people in our group. David got pictures of everyone else, and finally the winner with their golden boot. The downside of winning was the winner had to keep that ghastly old boot until next year’s party. Nobody ever tried to win two years in a row.

When the celebrating had settled into general merriment, and the winner’s name had been added to the base in magic marker, David came looking for me. “I’d like to do your picture in the weight room,” he said. “Trina had some interesting ideas I thought we could try out, if you’re game.”

Trina was already in the weight room. Matthew was there too, sitting on one of the weight benches. David followed me into the room, pulling the door closed behind us.

“Sit here,” Trina said, gesturing to one of those all-in-one home gym machines.

Hyper aware of my short little skirt, I carefully straddled the seat and sat down.



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