Bil and Bon Franks

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Bil Franks was born near Boston, Massachusetts. He studied at the University of Texas (Austin, TX). Bil is a USAF retiree who has learned the finer points of small arms, martial arts, military history and Fantasy literature. He has loaned his extensive knowledge of these fields to the work at hand and most especially to the adventures that follow, in the next three books of The Twilight of Magic saga.

Bon Franks hails from a small Nevada town. She earned a BA (English) and MA (Comparative Literature) from the University of Southern California. Bon’s interests include language and literature--especially the junction of the two. Her other interests in herbology, mythology, and folklore are revealed also in The Twilight of Magic saga, the three books that follow Running Over Rainbows.

        Bil and Bon now live in a small town in central Texas with several rowdy cats.


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