Gail Roughton

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A paralegal by day, she strives for justice.  A weaver of words by night, she creates new worlds…”  Yeah, that’s me.  A fairy tale would start like that.  In real life, I run up and down the halls of my law firm in a frantic attempt to meet deadlines. And at night, I field the family’s desperate cries of hunger with a new battle cry of my own.  “There’s the kitchen!  Help yourself!”  I have a similar response for most every desperate call.
At last, in my late fifties, with children raised, I’ve given in to the call of the computer screen.  To the Muse, as it were.  Rather than fit writing into my evenings, I fit the rest of the evening into my writing. I hope y’all like the results.  I’m Southern by the way, which fact is a major influence in Down Home, a September release.  And I hope you’ll be back after Down Home for a few other surprises I have planned for the coming months, including another tale of the Truscan (K)nights and two more installments of my War-N-Wit, Inc. paranormal romantic suspense series!  Y’all come back now, hear?


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