Jonathan Fortin

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Jonathan Fortin is a writer of dark fantasy, steampunk, satire, horror, and more. As well as being a summa cum laude graduate from San Francisco State University, he is also a founding member of its Speculative Fiction Writer’s Group. Aside from writing, Jonathan also enjoys acting (both on the stage and in front of the camera), video games, graphic novels, making fun of things, sickeningly adorable baby animals, a variety of different kinds of metal, bizarre Japanese music videos, awesome fight scenes in otherwise boring movies, and all things dark and macabre. He lives and writes in the San Francisco East Bay Area in California, where a diverse mixture of overlapping subcultures feeds him constant inspiration for his tales. You can follow him online at!/Jonathan_Fortin

Author's Other Works:

-"Thrice Times Torn," first published in Allegory E-Zine, Volume 17/44
-"Everyone Wants To Be A Weredragon," first published in Chris Bartholomew's "Evil Dragons" anthology
-"An Exhibition of Excellence," first published in George Wilhite's "Weird City 2" anthology, then in his "Science Gone Mad" anthology
-"The Man Who Ate Nothing But Kittens," first published online at Eric's Hysterics

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