K.P. Robbins


In 2001, K.P. Robbins closed the Washington, DC, ad agency she founded, moved to Ireland and began to write The Stonehenge Scrolls. Before starting her own business, she was an advertising and public relations executive at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). She holds a degree in journalism from West Virginia University.

In researching The Stonehenge Scrolls, she has studied books and attended lectures by leading archaeologists, visited Stonehenge several times and visited similar archaeological sites from the same Neolithic period in England, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Ireland.

“I was hooked by Stonehenge from my very first visit,” she says, “when the idea for this novel came to me.”

She lives with her husband in West Virginia and is writing a memoir about their year in Ireland.

My short stories have been published on WashingtonPost.com and in the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Appalachian Writers Guild Anthology, and Seven Hills Review.

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