Kerry Adrienne

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Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina gave me lots of time to read. I started with newspapers, then my aunt’s Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. She handed me Gone with the Wind next, and I was hooked for life on books and story-telling.

I love of science fiction and fantasy. I went to college on a physics’ scholarship to learn the secrets of the universe. I ended up getting my degree in English: Writing and Editing—who knew that bridge dynamics was part of physics? Yuck.

I’ve dabbled in all things creative: painting, drawing, making chainmail, costuming (professional seamstress/costumer), knitting—you name it, I’ve likely tried it. I hate cake decorating.

I teach fiction writing classes at the college level and I’m an Associate Editor at Entangled Publishing.

I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, three daughters, five cats, and a multitude of other small animals.

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