Killarney Sheffield

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I’m the mother of five, married 15 yrs to a retired dairy farmer and currently reside in Alberta on a beef farm. When I am not writing I like showing my thoroughbred stallion (nicknamed Love Monkey), gardening, camping, listening to my ipod (favorite song- 1985) and even playing a little guitar hero with the kids (sadly I am still on easy level).

An interesting fact about me…well there’s lots but the one that relates most to writing is the fact that my husband and I knew each other for five months before we got married. Perhaps this is why I love Historical Romance. Marriages often began with two virtual strangers.

Most memorable moments…auditioning for a spot on the Royal Lipizzaner Tour and getting to ride one of those gorgeous horses, and the acceptance email from Lea.

Pet peeves… ornery computers and people who pronounce my name wrong.


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