M.P. Ward

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I am a writer, an artist, a garment printer, a qualified teacher, a husband, and father of three lovely children. I was born and live in the North West of England.

I graduated with a BA (hons) in Primary Education with qualified Teacher’s Status in 2007.

     I have always had a fascination for writing and have written stories all my life. However, it was my night school English tutor who recognised my writing talent and suggested I write horror stories.

     Cornwall is where I first had the idea for Sam and The Sea Witch. It is the first in a series. All my books are about children in fantastic, and sometimes, harrowing situations.

Some of the other books I have written include Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor, The Claw, and The Eternal Flame. They are all the same genre, and I hope each carries a message.


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