Pamela Kelt

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Pamela Kelt first managed to avoid any semblance of work by taking Spanish at the University of Manchester. Then, after six brain-fogging months on the local paper, she fled to Oxford and completed her M. Litt on ‘Comic aspects of satirical 17th-century comic interludes’, which was far more interesting.

After becoming a technical translator, she discovered English was easier, and did copywriting for anyone who would pay. On a stint in Australia, she landed a job as a subeditor and moved back into journalism, relishing the chance to come up with funny headlines. Ah. Once a pun a time.

Educational magazines and online publishing followed. Then, one bright day, while walking the dogs, thinking ‘to hell with a career’, she took the plunge into writing for herself. Her first novel was The Lost Orchid, a Victorian intrigue.

More novels ensued and Pam is now writing full time in leafy Kenilworth.


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