Renee Duke


Renee Duke grew up in Canada and England and holds dual nationality. Having made several trips across the Atlantic during childhood, a love of travel was inevitable, and she has been to various points of the globe, including Belize, Central America, where she spent some time working with children in a Peace & Development project. She has worked with children all of her adult life and enjoys sharing her passion for history with kids of all ages, both through her writing and the interactive programs she now runs for out-of-school care groups. Mother of one son, and servant to two cats, she and her widowed mother share a home in Kelowna, B.C.

Though I have been a published author for many years, my work has hitherto been in the form of articles, short stories, and humorous essays for such publications as Okanagan Life, Stitches, Reader’s Digest, Our World 50+, The Living Message, & Zamoof! (Canada); Catholic Digest, Spider, Wonder Time, Story Friends, & Pockets (U.S.A.); and My Weekly & The People’s Friend (UK). I also once worked as a stringer for a local newspaper.  

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