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Avoid the Big R and Get the Contract by Ashley M. Christman



Building the Paranormal Character by Kay Dee Royal



Communication: Before you click send by Christine I. Speakman

Creating Characters from Real People by Katie L. Carroll



Five Tips for Writing Successful Erotic Fiction by Elizabeth Coldwell

Flying to Grammarland by Margo Sorenson




Happy Endings or Sad: When, if Ever, is Poor Writing Good? by John B. Rosenman


How To Make Your Aliens Alien by Lindsay Below



"Once Upon A Time..." by Lea Schizas



New Guy in Town by Joylene Nowell Butler



Revision Blues by Lindsay Below



Those Pesky Adults: What to Do with Adult Characters in Middle Grade and YA Fiction by Andrea Pelleschi

Thoughts on Creating Believable Historical Characters by Rosemary Morris

Treating your Query Letter like a Sales Letter Instead of a Summary by Jane Lebak



Why Children Should Read--A Lot! by Maggie Lyons

World Building: Where to Start by Margaret Fieland

Writing Romance in your Mystery and Vice Versa by Maggie Toussaint

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