The Rental

ADULT CONTENT:When cool and confident Karen meets Allan, a deceptively hot landlord, her desires suddenly extend beyond his luxury apartment.
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Author: D.C. McMillen

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Release: May 4, 2012

Editor: Nancy Bell

Line editor: Susan Davis

Cover Designer: Winterheart Designs

Words: 3899

Pages: 16

ISBN: 978-1-77127-030-4

Price: $0.99

Warning: Contains graphic sexual content / 18+


Back Cover:

Cool and confident Karen meets Allan while she is in search of a fabulous short-term rental. At first Karen is underwhelmed with potential landlord Allan's limp handshake and personality of wilted lettuce. As he shows her around his luxurious apartment, however, a more seductive and adventurous side of Allan is revealed, and Karen becomes determined to discover exactly what deliciously depraved fantasies lurk beneath his passive demeanour.



My wet hair stuck to the sides of my face and my blouse clung unnaturally to my body. Realizing the absurdity of our situation and my appearance, my laughter bubbled over. Allan, also dripping water, did not join in. He simply stared at me as though I were an alien from another planet. Which of course only served to make me laugh harder.

“Oh Allan,” I cried, reaching for his atrocious belt buckle. “I am so sorry! Hopefully the water hasn’t ruined this magnificent piece of artwork.”

“Don’t lie to me,” he said, smiling kindly. “You are not the least bit sorry. And you hate this belt buckle.”

I feigned shock. “Why would you say such a thing?”

“Because anyone who is not my ex-wife would find this buckle garish and ridiculous. I certainly do. Unfortunately all of my clothing has already been packed and shipped off. I reluctantly rescued it from the charity bound box this morning.”

I giggled when he saw my hands still on his belt. He hesitantly put his hands on my shoulders and heat emanated from his touch, pleasantly warming my skin. His wet shirt fused to his chest and abs, revealing a surprisingly sculpted upper body. I looked at his face just in time to see his confidence flicker and then waver. He dropped his hands to his sides and I let go of his belt buckle, disappointed.

“I…um…will get you a towel,” Allan said, and stepped away. He stopped, turned back and took half a step toward me. Apparently he changed his mind once more and backed out of the shower. He disappeared around the corner and did not return for several moments. How long could it take to get a couple of towels from a shelf?

After what seemed like an eternity, Allan emerged carrying two fluffy white towels on his arm. He wore a very determined expression on his face as he strode toward me. In one fluid motion, he stepped into the shower, slipped the towel behind my back, and used it to pull me toward him. Losing my footing on the slippery surface of the wet tiles, my chest made hard contact with his. My nipples instantly hardened and my lips parted in surprise.

He lowered his head and kissed me roughly. There was urgency to his movements, as if he would lose his nerve at any moment. Despite this, the softness of his lips contrasted with his firm, intense touch, and my knees almost buckled under the warmth and strength of his kiss. He raised his head and searched my face. My lips parted slightly but no words came out. This newly revealed side of Allan took my breath away.Seeming satisfied that I welcomed his attention, he kissed me again, harder, deeper, and longer.




Saturday, 31 August 2013
This short is not for the faint of desire. Exceedingly HOT starting with our heroine having lascivious thoughts about her soon-to-be landlord from the moment he opens the door onward.


Definitely worth 4 1/2 stars.

Cold Shower...ever tried to get one when you live in the tropics and the water in the ground never gets below body temperature?

Ice cubes...I need a vat of ice cubes after reading THE RENTAL.
Lin Holmes

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