Oasis in the Desert

ADULT CONTENT:Left in the desert to die, May must learn to believe in miracles so she can have a long, happy life with the man she loves.
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Author: Lynn Crain

Oasis in the Desert

part of The Lacey's Lamp Series

by Lynn Crain

Genre: Paranormal Erotic

Tags: Erotic romance, erotic paranormal romance, romance, desert, Nevada, Las Vegas, doctor, medical

Release: June 29, 2012

Editor: Lea Schizas

Cover Designer: Suzannah Safi

Words: 5704

Pages: 22

ISBN: 978-1-77127-088-5

Price: $2.50

Back Cover:

Mya doesn’t believe in miracles when her dead-beat ex-boyfriend leaves her to die in the sizzling summer Nevada heat. Then one appears in the form of the bar, Lacey’s Lamp, she still doubts her luck. She’s even more astounded that Lacey can help her get back her life and the only man she’s ever loved, Marcus Bennett. Mya doesn’t quite have faith in the woman until she lands back in Dr. Mark’s arms and sees the love that’s always awaited her. Now, it’s her turn to make the miracle of a new life filled with joy and happiness.


Feeling the heat burn my cheeks, I wondered just how much more intense my humiliation would become. Dr. Mark was what I’d affectionately called Dr. Bennett. It was our special secret. “Who are you again? I must have missed what you said the first time,” I whispered.

“I’m a genie and can grant you one wish.”

The sound coming out of me was something between a snort and a laugh. I’m a smart woman most of the time and my horrible track record with men made me a nonbeliever. I knew fairy godmothers, tooth fairies and genies didn’t exist. “Right. If you can point me in the general direction of your phone, I’ll get out of your hair.”

She placed her hand over mine, and immediately a sensation that everything would work out filled me. “Come on, please, indulge me even though you don’t believe.”

Feeling the air rush out of my lungs, sharing my troubles with someone else would be nice for once. “Sure, I mean, I’ve got nothing to lose since I’m obviously hallucinating and lying on the desert floor in some valley.”

“Does this look like the desert to you?” Lacey spread her hands.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts more than to answer her question. “It looks like a cross between a wild west saloon, a Mexican cantina and a harem.”

“Unique...don’t you think?”

A frown creased my lips. “Interesting.”

“Let’s get back to your wish. What is your deepest desire?”

“Besides seeing the scumbag get his and helping the rest of the world?” I shrugged. “Not greedy. Just want my life to get back on track, you know?”

Her smile was really beautiful. “Why don’t you tell me your story—that way, I’ll have some perspective.”

Usually I’m a tight-lipped girl but wanted her to know everything for some reason. I decided to start at the very beginning and took another sip of margarita. “You know this drink is really good. It’s cool and slides down my throat just right.”

She arched her brow. “Your story?”

Brushing my palms against my jeans, my thoughts tried to come together. “Right. Not much to tell really. My parents moved the family from the Bible belt to Sin City when I was twelve and I became like a fish out of water. I was used to being on a farm and growing up where life was very different but did well in school, kept my nose clean and graduated with honors. It got me some great scholarships and a place in college.” Taking another sip, I reflected on those early years.

“I can tell there’s more.” Lacey sat there watching me carefully, her smile full of hope, something I needed more of to move forward.

I slowly released the air from my lungs. “There is.” Taking a big swig for courage, I fidgeted for a few more moments before putting my hands on the bar. “I wanted to be a doctor. So much so, I ignored all other parts of my life. Just have the worst luck with men and when a fantastic one came along, I did a lot of stupid things to push him away because I’m just not good enough for him.”

She placed her hand over mine yet again, and the feeling of peace coursed through my body. “I’m almost certain there’s nothing you can’t fix. You have wonderful hands.”

I rolled my eyes. “Really? I’m not so sure. Right now, I just need to get the scumbag gone and to get back on track with college. I’d already be a nurse if I hadn’t lost my job. I’m just thankful the scholarship is on hold for another semester but I need to get going.”

“Doesn’t sound too hard.” The woman stood up. “Why don’t you finish your drink? I’ll make a few calls, see what I can come up with.” She walked toward the back of the room and disappeared behind some gauzy material.

“Geez, didn’t think my company was that bad.” Frowning, my fingers twirled the swizzle stick in the icy liquid.

“I heard that.” Lacey’s soft, soothing voice came from the back. “Have some patience, child.”

My sharp laugh sounded like a bark. It had been years since anyone had called me child. Some days I felt like an old woman. Today was one of those days. It was hard to face your bad decisions head on. “How long did it take to build this place?”

“I didn’t build it. It was conjured up just this morning.” Her voice still came from the back.

“Oh.” I took another sip, trying to ignore what she just said. “Why do you want to know about me so much? I’m a nobody.”

She stood before me in a flash. “Everybody is someone. Don’t cut yourself short because you’ve made some bad decisions in your life. We all have.” Lacey gave me a knowing look and I wanted to sink into the floor. This was the same talk Dr. Mark and I had on many occasions.

“Sorry. It just doesn’t feel that way today. I don’t understand how someone can act like Mason did. He didn’t care about me living or dying, as long as I was his meal ticket he was happy.”

“Some men don’t deserve the women they have.” She patted my hand. “I’ve made some calls and found you a place. You’ll be fine now. By the time you finish your drink, your ride will be here.”

“My ride? Who would come and get me?”

“You’ll be surprised. Now drink up.”

About the Author:

I realized at an early age I wanted to weave fantastic tales as a career. Like many things, I took the long way to my goal by doing a variety of jobs like nursing, geologist, technical writer, computer manager and reflexologist.  I love writing hot to erotic fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales for various publishers and have many more planned. I live in the very hot southwest with my husband, son, one dog, three cats and a snake Psycho. Close by lives my oldest son, his wife and my fantastic twin grandsons. I’m a long time member of RWA and EPIC. Come visit me at my website www.lynncrain.com and I would love to hear from you at lynncrain@cox.net. Most days, you can find me tweeting at twitter. (www.twitter.com/oddlynn3)



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