Wedding Day Bhlue

ADULT CONTENT:First time lovers embark on a chance encounter that lasts a lifetime.
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Author: Lani Rhea

Series   Seasons of Passion: Summer Lovin'

Genre  Erotic Romance

Tags  Adult Content, contemporary, erotic romance, Florida, Oklahoma, first love,

Release  June 28, 2013

Editor Lea Schizas

Cover Designer  Suzannah Safi

Words  10961

Pages  46

ISBN  978-1-77127-361-9

Price  $2.50


Back Cover:

Susan Myers sets, plans and details her wedding, the only thing missing from the bliss…the groom. An accidental encounter on her solo Miami honeymoon lands her on an old flame’s boat. Zak Bhlue owns and operates island tours. Midnight skies and skinny dipping tides heat up the night. With an abrupt ending to the night, and an emotional flight home, there are no other signs from Zak for weeks. All good things have to end but, can their love grow with hundreds of miles separating them?



I turned with the test in my hand.

“Oh,” he said as he stared at what I held.

“I don’t know what to do now.” Tears sprang to my eyes. I would love this baby more than anything in the world. But without a father figure around, the child would most likely be losing out on something. Wouldn’t he, or she?

Peter swallowed. “So the test is positive I take it.”

I nodded.

He opened his arms and embraced me. “You will be the most perfect mother in the world.”

I nodded again. He was right. I would be. But what if…

“Honey, I think you need some water. Do you want me to get you some from the cooler up front?”

A tear slipped. I wiped it away. “No. I’ll get it. Thanks though.”

“Sure, doll. You know I’m always here for you.” He pat the back of my head then.

“I know.” I stepped away and squared my shoulders. I was still numb. Shocked. It would be stupid to ask how this could have happened. But I knew how it had happened.

Peter laid a hand on my arm and twitched his head towards the door. “You go. I’m going to go check on the pictures in the black room.”

“Okay.” I left him standing there and made my way to the front. Filling a cup with water, half of the content was drank before realizing it.

The bell rang in a customer.

I looked to see who, and about dropped the cup. Zak Bhlue. He was in Oklahoma. Why was he here? To crumble the cup and throw it at him was my first reaction. But I held fast.

“Hi, Susan,” was all he said. After all this time he could have at least said more than that. He moved closer to me, and rooted my ground. From head to toe I eyed him. He wore a green tee with a low cut V in front. Stone washed jeans and a pair of flip flops. Good enough to eat. I couldn’t let myself go there.

“I want to apologize for not contacting you sooner.”

I cocked my head. As soon as he said that phrase, I no longer heard what he said. Only his mouth moved, but with no spoken words. It was like in those old cartoons where they talked, but you couldn’t understand, or like trying to talk underwater.

On and on he kept talking. I blinked and tried to concentrate.

“…I’ve missed you.”

Whoa! I blinked. Missed me. How could he miss me? Every emotion inside me burst like an overflowing Hoover dam.

“Missed me. Really? You’ve missed me, because how hard is it to pick the phone and call someone. Not hard at all, buddy. I don’t know what you’ve been doing down in Florida this whole time, but what gives you to right to walk in here?”

The expression on his face changed from “please forgive”, to “holy hell”.

“The whole time we’ve been separated I thought it was me. I thought well what the hell have you done, Susan? Apparently you were just a toy to be fucked with.” Warm tears welled. “Then I thought you just up and left me like you did all those years ago.”

Zak held up a hand.

“No.” I pointed at him. “You have no right to walk back into my life. My child’s life.”

“What child? What am I missing?”

Just then a young African American miss of maybe twenty came walking inside, and stood next to Zak. She was gorgeous, other than the hideous wrist cast. Model tall with mocha skin, and looked flawless enough to be on any front cover bestselling magazine. Perfect large lips were painted luscious pink. Her long, beautiful black hair was styled in waves, and she had eyes of early morning sunrises with a hint of brown.

He wrapped his arm around the woman’s shoulders and squeezed tight.

Heat licked up the back of my neck. “And now I see the real reason you haven’t called.” I twisted on heels and marched to my office, slamming the door behind. The tears I tried not to spill, ran unchecked. He had a girlfriend. The thought had never crossed my mind the night we had dinner on his boat. I should have known.

I sat behind my desk on search for tissues. My emotions had to be reined. Looking for something to dry my eyes with, the office door opened.

“Susan?” Zak walked fully inside.

“Go away.” I didn’t look at him.

“No. We need to talk.”

“No we don’t. You and your girlfriend can leave.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

I rooted for tissues in the bottom drawer. Damn it. “Whatever. Go away.”

“I won’t.”

I looked up then. “Get out now.” The words gritted through my teeth.

Just then the woman walked in behind Zak. I couldn’t look at her. I’d bawl even more if I did. Could this day get any freaking better?


About the Author


Lani Rhea, lover of coffee, lives in the heart of Oklahoma. She has four children and loves animals. Lani is always up for a challenge and enjoys mixing romance with all genres that spark her interests. You can find her either reading or writing.




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