D.C. McMillen

D.C. McMillen is an up and coming author living in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys writing about dirty sex in questionable places, but has been known to write about other subjects, on special occasions. Her recent work has been popping up on websites and in ezines. She has also recently written a series of short, erotic humour ebook stories and will soon be featured in a few erotic and not so erotic anthologies.
D.C. is obsessed with Twitter and invites you to look her up at @mcmillendc, or visit her on her blog, http://dcmcmillen.wordpress.com to keep apprised of her latest projects or simply to read her incessant, often humorous ramblings.
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Stand Alone Stories

Erotic Romance


becomes the hottest month of
the year thanks to Nina’s new toy,
the Hitachi Magic Wand, and her
hot new neighbour, Ned.



Contemporary Erotic Romance

 ADULT CONTENT:When cool and

confident Karen meets Allan, a
deceptively hot landlord, her desires
suddenly extend beyond his luxury


Contemporary Erotic Romance

 ADULT CONTENT: Who knew attending

a wedding where your landlord’s ex is
present could be so…fulfilling? 


The Alley



ADULT CONTENT: Karen and Allen are together again, if only for one night. Can they make the most of it, in a bowling alley of all places?

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