Pleasure Beach

ADULT CONTENT:A secluded shoreline, a sizzling-hot sun, and a sexy stranger...come get wet at Pleasure Beach.
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Author: Jillian Murphy


Pleasure Beach

A Short 'N Spicy Romance Erotica Story by Jillian Murphy

Release: July 2012

Editor: Ellee Braun

Line Editor: Deb McIntyre

Cover Designer: Winterheart Designs

Words: 4608

Pages: 20

Price: $1.99

ISBN: 978-1-77127-094-6

Warning: Graphic Sexual Content

Back Cover:

Enjoying a rare day off work from the hospital CHRISSY sunbathes at a secluded beach, soaking in the day’s warmth.  Slumbering throughout a quiet afternoon, free of pesky tan lines, Chrissy wakes from a nap to discover GABE, a sexy, wet, and hunky marine-biologist washed ashore only a few feet away from her topless body.

Something in Gabe’s eyes melts her inhibitions even as she scrambles for her bikini top.  Before long, Chrissy realizes there’s a whole lot more than just warm sun to stimulate her senses.


Huh?  Who is that? Lifting the hat off my face and propping on my elbows, I see a man sitting on the rocky outcrop, ten feet away.  He isn’t looking at me. A snorkel mask is pushed high on his forehead, a pair of fins rests beside him, and he’s examining his bleeding foot kicked up on top his knee. He’s wet. Dark hair pokes out in wild clumps beneath the mask’s strap.  Water droplets trickle down his tan chest. A bead of water, glistening like a prism in the sun, dangles on his nipple for dear life before letting go and dropping onto his trunks which cling to strong thighs. As if hoping to catch the droplet, my mouth hangs open. Oh God.  He’s gorgeous.

“Shit,” he mutters, staring at the boat off in the distance. He takes off his mask, flicks his hair, and with muscled biceps, lifts himself off the rock, catering to his injured foot. He looks in my direction, raises an eyebrow, and lingers with his eyes on mine. “Hey.  You’re awake.”

Are those green eyes? Yes. They are the most sensual almond shaped-jewels I’ve ever seen. Biting the inside of my lower lip, my eyes drop toward a thin trail of dark hair that disappears beneath his trunks. Anxiously I shift on the towel. It’s not until my hard nipples threaten to pop and I catch a glimpse of my bathing suit top from the corner of my eye that I remember. Crap! I’m topless.



Tuesday, 03 September 2013
This short, erotic story surprised me.

I've been doing a LOT of reading lately. but this is the first time a story took me back to a chance encounter from my younger days so powerful I never forgot it. PLEASURE BEACH has Chrissy, a nurse, no longer in the first blush of life, daringly stretched out on what she thinks of as her private beach, her bikini top set aside, the desire for an unhindered tan upper-most in her mind.

It also has a research vessel off-shore with a hunky scientist in the sea ready to swim up and land on that same private stretch of beach.

What follows, goes a long way towards perking up Chrissy's day, her insecurities about her forty-plus desirability and her many tomorrows...she hopes.

PLEASURE BEACH is a short, fast, hot romp worthy of FOUR burning stars.

GREAT JOB Ms. Murphy.
Lin Holmes

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