Summer Stalked

When murder shakes the Western Washington Wilds Theater, Luke Augustin must balance a blossoming relationship with clearing his best friend.
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Author: Brent Archer

When his best friend is framed for murder and his boyfriend is targeted as the next victim, Luke Augustin must figure out who’s the killer before anyone else dies.

The first show of the summer season has closed at the Western Washington Wilds Summer Theater, and Luke Augustin finds a love interest in the set designer, John-Michael Wolfe. But things turn deadly when Luke’s nemesis Pedro Marsing is stabbed and killed by the river, and his best friend, Brayden Wildman, is arrested for murder.

With their cabins ransacked, and a knife firmly lodged in John-Michael’s pillow, Luke must find the real killer while dodging Pedro’s boyfriend Colton Twinfid’s obnoxious advances.

Aided by Diane Benger, the theater’s general manager, the trio become unlikely crime fighters as they strive to figure out who did Pedro in by the river and who now threatens John-Michael.

A broken down cabin deep in the woods holds the secret, and Luke must fight for his life to bring the killer to justice.

Title Summer Stalked
Author Brent Archer
Genre M/M Erotic Mystery
Release April 7, 2016
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 54pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-791-4
Price $2.99
Tags Mystery, summer stock, summer theatre, theater, twink, gay, erotic, actors
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Brayden bent to tie his shoe. “What’s your problem with John-Michael anyway?”

Luke sighed in frustration. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s his hyphenated name. I really did think his drawings sucked.”

Brayden stood up. “Well, you’re not on the production team. You’re a chorus boy. It’s not your job to have an opinion on the designs. I think you hurt his feelings, especially since he’s hot for you.”

“He’s what?” Luke’s gaze swung to the young man still watching him from off-stage. Scowling, John-Michael turned on his heel and stormed away into the maze of rigging. Luke returned his attention to Brayden. “He’s not into me. He rips apart my acting and dancing all the time.”

“You’re not paying attention to the way he looks at you. He’s got it bad, and your criticism of his art probably stabbed him like a knife.”

Guilt washed over Luke. He got that uncomfortable tightening in his gut that usually happened when he’d stuck his foot in his mouth. “Damn it, Brayden. I hate it when you do this to me.”

Brayden smirked. “What? Tell you when you’re being a prick?”









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