The Christmas Proposal

Luke Mitchell has a Christmas present for his boyfriend, Taylor Jackson, but Luke is in for a big surprise.
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Author: Brent Archer

The Christmas Proposal

by Brent Archer

Genre  M/M Erotic Romance

Tags  Christmas, Marriage proposal, Gay, family, dinner

Theme  Ohh...Santa!

Release  November 7, 2014

Editor  Lea Schizas

Cover Designer Kaytalin Platt

Words  8232

Pages  45

ISBN 978-1-77127-625-2

Price  $2.50

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Luke Mitchell drops his children off with their mother Crystal and her wife Sabrina and returns home to give his sexy gift to his boyfriend, Taylor Jackson. Taylor’s Christmas present to Luke was more than he could have asked for. At dinner, when Luke’s family gathers for the holiday meal, he announces the big news. Crystal and Sabrina give them the final present of the evening, the gift of time together without the kids.


Luke got a good look at all the hard work Taylor had done the previous day decorating the house. Cedar garland hung from the fireplace with six stockings stuffed full. Over the hearth, all the cards they’d received were clipped to a string. A Santa music box sat on top of the mantel. His cousin Heath had given it to them two Christmases ago when he was cleaning out his old box of decorations. It was a remnant of his childhood, and Heath said he wanted to be sure it was passed down to someone who’d appreciate it.

Taylor had even changed the artwork on the walls. Their friend, Susan, had painted a winter scene and given it to them when they’d bought the house four years ago. Luke admired the snowy scene hanging over the fireplace. I love that picture. On the other walls were scenes of various Christmas traditions from all over the world. Luke especially loved the painting of the Christmas markets in Rothenberg, Germany, another gift from Heath and his husband Alan.

Luke nodded to the painting. “Heath and Alan will love seeing that up.”

Crystal stepped toward it to get a closer look. “Oh, really?”

“They brought it back from Germany last year. I remember being green with envy that I didn’t get to go.”

Crystal patted his arm. “Don’t worry, you’ll get there one of these days.”

Luke glanced at their two children, each happily tearing into another gift. “When they’ve graduated from college, maybe.”

Sabrina laughed. “I’m sure it’ll be before that.”

Taylor stood next to Luke and wrapped his arm around his waist. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I have plans for the honeymoon.”

Luke savored the warmth of his body as he kissed Taylor’s cheek. “Yeah?”

Davey trotted up to Luke, his little hand dragging a dump truck across the hardwood floor. “Look what Santa gave me!”

Crystal patted his head. “That’s wonderful, honey.”

“Tay-tay, can you reach the stockings?”

Taylor laughed. “Okey dokey, buddy.” He craned his head toward Luke.

Luke gave him a peck on his lips, and then Taylor took Davey’s hand and led him to the fireplace. “Come on, Ellie. Time for the stockings.”

Ellie squeaked in delight and pushed herself up. Luke stifled a chuckle as she stomped across the floor with little arms outstretched. Taylor laughed as he picked her up, swung her around, and gave her a big hug. Sabrina went to join them, taking a stocking from the mantle and handing it to Davey.

“I’m so glad he loves our kids.”

Crystal nodded. “And that he doesn’t mind being called Tay-tay.”

Luke laughed. “I remember first time I got Davey to call him that. He raised that eyebrow with his signature cringe, but I saw the laughter in his eyes.”

“You and I got off easy, you know.”

Luke furrowed his brow. “What do you mean?”

“We got the names Mommy and Daddy. Taylor got Tay-tay, and Sabrina got Sabi. If we continued that naming convention, I’d be Cry and you’d be Lu-lu.”

Horrified, Luke widened his eyes as he shushed her. “Don’t say that too loud. Taylor will call me that for the rest of my life.”

Mischief danced in her eyes, and she winked as she moved away.

Luke groaned. I’ll be Lu-lu by the end of the day. She’ll tell Heath as soon as he gets here, and that’ll be it.



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